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Frequently Asked Questions

Have the tutors and chaperones all been Garda vetted or DRB checked?

Yes. All Teenage Stage International Summer School teachers and staff in the pastoral care team has been vetted and are aware of our child protection policies and guidelines. Our professionally qualified teaching staff are highly respected with many years experience in teaching children and teenagers. Day classes have a staff student ratio of 1 to 12 and evenings with chaperones and centre management, the ratio is 1 to 8. Many of our teachers have been employed by our sister company, StageSchool Ireland for over ten years and are highly experienced with residential courses and in all aspects of first aid and pastoral care. Our team are professional, caring and sensitive to the welfare and personal development of all students in our care from Ireland and the many overseas students who return each year,


What is the daily schedule the students will be following?

The day starts at 9.30am and finishes at 5:00pm with a break for lunch between 1:00pm and 2:00pm Each day will be packed with classes covering all aspects of training in Acting and Musical Theatre or Film making and Acting Classes with daily rehearsals scheduled to bring together the finale performance on stage or on screen at the end of the week. After dinner, there are compulsory evening master classes, quizzes, talent show open sessions and leisure time leading up to 10pm Hot Chocolate sessions for a review of the day.

Students and parents should be aware our courses are 95% digital free! Mobile phone and tablet use is restricted on all courses to agreed social interaction times outside of rehearsal and class time to contact parents.

What is the casting process for the week ahead?

Our Teenage Stage film/theatre auditions and casting process is based on a large criteria by teachers and directors with a wide range of experience. That said, not every student can play a leading role and students must understand this in advance. We have meticulously planned the courses to ensure evening classes are as stimulating as day rehearsal. In addition, there are significant ensemble roles and extra parts and a Teenage Stage Drama Showcase for students to perform on the course during the week also.


Will students need to bring their own food?

Teenage Stage provides a healthy daily breakfast, lunch and dinner with refreshments for all its students included in the school boarding fee. We ask that students eat well and drink plenty of water to keep hydrated through the day. As long as we are notified of any specific dietary requirements we will be able to cater accordingly. After dinner, the Tuck Shop is open for a limited time to sell some holiday treats each evening.


Are the students supervised?

Teenage Stage students are supervised and chaperoned at all times. Our designated teachers, chaperones and professional production team are based on site and  always available for any student needing assistance. Students receive a comprehensive Teenage Stage International Summer School guideline pack which outlines our rules before the course. Parents receive a family booklet which is meticulously planned to answer all important questions and prepare for every eventuality to ensure maximum enjoyment levels and peace of mind.

Parents are free to call our pastoral care team anytime during the course, 24/7 but must understand the course is digital free apart from short spells for making contact.

Students are not permitted to leave campus at anytime unless on a scheduled excursion or pre-arranged with families in advance but we discourage this as often  counter productive for this intensive learning experience.

See page below to expand on this.



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Singing in the Rain_DSC115266


Performing in a musical is an experience that young people will remember for the rest of their lives, and it is truly our pleasure to work with your child on this exciting project.  We want everyone involved to understand the benefits and responsibilities that go along with being in a musical, so we have detailed some of the basics here.

First off, there are a number of great benefits to being in a musical, including: 

Active Participation in the Arts: Participating in the arts provides young people with a chance to explore their creativity and imagination in a structured and safe environment. Musical theatre is specifically remarkable because it is the only art form that combines all areas of the fine arts: acting, singing, dancing, and visual arts.

Improving Literacy Skills: From reading scripts to memorizing lines to learning to tell a story, young people continually improve their literacy skills while rehearsing and performing in a musical. 

Becoming a Confident Public Speaker: It takes a lot of guts to stand up and sing or dance in front of your family, peers, and what may seem like the entire community. Experience with public speaking at a young age gives students confidence that will be important to them for the rest of their lives.

Gaining Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills: Putting on a musical is a group effort and every member of the team must work together to make it happen. Throughout the rehearsal process, the students will learn to solve challenges as they arise. Students will learn to trust and depend on themselves and their cast mates.

mother and daughter

As with any group activity, every participant has responsibilities. Please look over the following items to make sure you and your child feel you can honour the commitment to being a part of a show on a Teenage Stage Summer School.

Attendance:  Students are expected to attend all rehearsals they are called for unless prior approval has been given. Failure to do so may result in dismissal from the show unless due to medical reasons or special circumstances.

Rehearsals: Rehearsals and Filming will typically last from 10am to 5pm each day and be held at our venue. Students should bring their scripts, a pencil, a snack, and wear appropriate shoes and clothes for movement. Also, please make sure you have arranged for your child or teenager to call during the evening after 6pm.

Homework: Students will have some homework for the show, including memorizing lines and songs, rehearsing their dances, researching their character, etc.

Attitude: The rehearsal room and theatre are safe spaces where young people can take positive risks and be themselves without the fear of being laughed at or alienated. This principle is essential to artistic growth and exploration. Participants are expected to respect these principles and are encouraged to remember it themselves when trying new things.

Volunteering: The most important thing you can do to help us with the musical is make sure your child commits to everything listed above. If they want to volunteer additional time, skills or resources to the production, simply drop us a note with your name, and we will do our best to facilitate. We are still in the process of compiling a list of everything that needs to be done, but don’t worry, when we have tasks that need to be done, we will let you know well in advance.

Finally, please remember that a musical is a living, breathing entity. Things don’t always go exactly as planned, so changes to the plan will most likely be made throughout the rehearsal process. We promise to give your child or teenager as much advance notice as possible on all changes that arise. That said, they are in excellent hands! with many of Ireland's leading theatre practitioners working with your children today.

some recent Testimonials

"Thank you for the wonderful experience Niamh had on your ‘Singing in the Rain’ camp. It was the undisputed highlight of her summer holidays; a blisteringly busy week of fun, laughs and very, very hard work! It was so well organised and the pastoral care team were great at supporting and cheering on the students so they got the most out of the experience. I’m amazed at how much you managed to accomplish in such a short space of time and the show at the end of the week was a testament to that. Niamh is looking forward to next year’s camp already!" Niamh McCann, Parent, Dublin 2018

"This summer school is creative, fun and exciting, Well thought-through, artistically, educationally and administratively as a joyful learning experience for teenagers! I wish you every possible success with it, as I'm sure it will be! Lucky participants, something to really enjoy and look back on with pleasure and a sense of real achievement"

Dr. Adrian James PhD
Head of Cert H.E. in Theatre Arts (Southend)
East 15 Acting School. University of Essex.

"Elena, 13, was the only Italian girl on Dublin's Teenage Stage 2017 and it was her very first experience abroad by herself.

She got to meet lovely new friends from Ireland and greatly enjoyed both rehearsals and free time.

The final show was just amazing and one cannot help wondering how those kids could prepare it in just one week.

It made us love Sweeney Todd, a musical that we had never properly appreciated."

Gianluca Di Lorenzo, Parent, Italy, July 2017

 "Sadhbh has been filling me in on every minute detail. She had a wonderful experience with you and benefited hugely from the opportunity to be part of the production of Sweeney Todd. The entire experience from start to finish (every detail of which has been shared in last 48 hours) was nothing short of superb. Less than 51 weeks to next year!  I'll be checking out the website for Teenage Stage 2018 and Sadhbh's name will be added to list as early as is humanly possible" Edel Meaney, Parent


"I just want to thank you and the team as Luke had an amazing time on your programme last week, he can struggle socially at times and the film course has been incredible for his confidence" Suzanne, Parent, Dublin, July 2018

I would like to congratulate all at Teenage Stage. My daughter Holly had the time of her life and made fantastic memories and friends. The staff were extremely supportive and friendly. I can't recommend this camp highly enough. Holly had no previous experience apart from school plays but felt at ease with others who had a lot. There was no agenda and they all  gelled well together even from 11 different countries!. The show was amazing considering you had 6 days to put it all together and was as good if not better than some musical society's produce.  See you next year!

Bobby White, Parent, Dublin, July 2017

"Nicole came talking wonders about her experience, she loved the teachers, the castle, the people and the food.  She said she learned a lot and excited about her future!I  am very grateful with everything, the whole experience, for me as a parent has also been wonderful and the look on her face has been priceless for us" Connie Gonzalez, Parent, Lisbon

 "My daughter Lucy was with you in Kildare last month and I just wanted to say thanks for a fabulous week - it has given her self confidence such a boost and she is already saving to go back next year.  I work in child protection so I'm probably a bit hypervigilant about it but I am so impressed about the support that they had during the week and particularly impressed about how well all the kids got on.  I've been recommending it to everyone!" Maeve Drummey, Blanchardstown,

"I had the most incredible time at Teenage Stage. Our teachers and directors took great care of us and were so friendly. Our year did  Into the Woods ". This was my first ever musical and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. I've met life long friends from this experience. It takes hard work and dedication to pull off one hell of a show and without the help and support of our teachers we couldn't have done it.Not only do you do a show but there are loads of other activities and outings. You have karaoke, talent show, quiz night etc. Last year we went to see a fantastic Circus group in the Black Box Theatre. Thank you to everyone for a wonderful experience that I'll never forget! Emma McDonnell, Student

"I want to say a big thank you for the fabulous week Emily had. She was happy from the moment she arrived and met her room mates right to the end of the production. She talked a lot about the week afterwards. She really enjoyed it and appreciated working with such a talented cast. Thank you for the work you put into making it such a successful week and amazing to think you achieved this in a short time frame" Michele Royliston, Singapore

"Thank you for the email and opportunity for early booking. Nyika was so enthusiastic last summer, she really wants to participate again this year. I have sent in the booking form for her. We were equally impressed with the whole organisation, supervision and support of the summer school and have no hesitation to recommend it to friends" Rita, Parent, Carlow

We are now back in Venice after a wonderful time!
Emma and Nora have loved every single moment of the week they spent with you. They have enjoyed the company, the learning experience, the incredible team work and efforts in making 'Singing in the Rain jr' which was a marvellous show!
There were many tears shed on the day of departure and many, many: "see you next year"! 🙂

We wanted to thank you once again for the extraordinary experience you have offered them!
Francesca Niisi, Italy

"Wow! what I can I say, this was my first trip away from home and I appeared in a full musical theatre production, made fantastic friends and the evening guest workshops are even better than daytime if possible! Unforgettable" Lynn,  age 16, Student, Switzerland

"Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience Niamh had on your ‘Singing in the Rain’ camp. It was the undisputed highlight of her summer holidays; a blisteringly busy week of fun, laughs and very, very hard work! It was so well organised and the pastoral care team were great at supporting and cheering on the students so they got the most out of the experience. I’m amazed at how much you managed to accomplish in such a short space of time and the show at the end of the week was a testament to that. Niamh is looking forward to next year’s camp already!" Fiona McCann, Parent, Dublin

"Thank you so very much for everything you have done and have come to mean for Lily – I cannot begin to explain how much she has gained from Teenage Stage. Just a couple of years ago she came to this country a shy and unsure girl. The confidence, teamwork, passion and ambition that you have helped nurture in her, is invaluable" Lisa Christopher, Parent
 I just wanted to to thank you and the staff at Teenage Stage for giving my Son a wonderful new experience. Benjamin  stepped out of his comfort zone to do this one week camp and was hooked by the end.
He describes it as "far better than I ever expected and I want to go back next year" So well done to you and the team. See you next year!
Philip Marley, Parent, Dublin, August 18

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